Lesney “Matchbox” Toys


6 thoughts on “Lesney “Matchbox” Toys

  1. I love industrial black and white photos. I’d like to work more in black and white but most of my nature stuff just doesn’t seem the right fit. I need to take a day and find the right setting for some black and white material.. like an old bridge, railroad trestle or building and experiment a bit. Like your stuff and keep it coming. 🙂

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    1. Definitely, I love it too. Some nature stuff works well in black and white – Ansel Adams? Although, I agree that the industrial context seems more fitting to black and white photography somehow 🙂 Thank you so much, I really do appreciate you saying that. I’m at the very very beginning of possibly thinking about planting a seed to possibly in the very long term leaving my corporate job and becoming a photographer. So I thought making a blog would be a good way to test the waters 🙂 What camera do you use by the way? I need to invest in one (after borrowing a friends for a while, it’s probably about time to get e DSLR)…


  2. You are right about Ansel Adams and I’m sure others specializing in black and white nature but most of the time it just doesn’t feel right for me. Some reason industrial settings and old buildings feel like the format for black and white. I should just get out of my comfort zone and take a day’s shooting of nature and just do them all in black and white and see what sticks. I’m a fledgling photographer myself so those kind of experiences is what I need to learn more. I bought a used Canon Rebel XTi (400D) that came with a couple of lenses.. one 28-105mm and the other a 75-300mm… they give me a lot of options to play around with. I would really like to invest in a good macro lens in the future but that’s down the road.

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    1. Sounds good and thanks for letting me know about your camera too. You seem to be an excellent nature photographer so I am sure your black and white photography (when you venture there) will not be too shoddy 😉 Keep it up!

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